Our story

Hi there!

We are Wiktoria & Patrick. Our culinary backgrounds led us to discover our passion for producing droll worthy content during the quarantine period in Italy. Shortly after our passion became our full time job and we couldn't be happier about that!

Our goal is to help you bring your creative vision to life by organizing photo & video shoots and developing exceptional creative concepts. We understand that managing these processes can be quite daunting, which is why we offer a full-service production house to make your job easier. Despite being based in the Italian Alps, we work with brands worldwide!

In our free time, you'll find us watching Netflix until the morning and spending all of our savings on extraordinary food and wine.

Wiktoria Gralka

Co-Founder & Photographer

Patrick Weithaler

Co-Founder & Videographer

We are a small but MIGHTY TEAM

driven by HUGE PASSION!

Meet Wiktoria.

She was studying cosmetology when she met Patrick on one of her holiday trips. Shortly after that, she moved to Italy and found her passion for cooking. She spent a few years in the kitchen, and when quarantine hit Italy, she started her cooking YouTube channel. Being in front of the camera wasn't her ultimate passion, so she switched roles, and now she creates images that ultimately drive sales for your business.

Wiktoria is our styling wizard! She enjoys bold colors, whimsical scenes, and sometimes Patrick has to remind her to do something 'classy'.

Meet Patrick.

A man behind all video content!

He finished culinary school and worked for plenty of years in the kitchen. He genuinely thought this is something he would be doing for his whole life, but during quarantine, he found his passion for videography (hell, YouTube was his idea). He enjoys moody and classy setups, which are exactly the opposite of Wiktoria's preferences, making them a dream team.

Ps. She actually forced him to make this headshot in purple tones.

Some pretty cool brands have trusted us!